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Shanna F. McCoy

Shanna F. McCoy

Shanna McCoy is a young woman who hails from North Little Rock, was born with cerebral palsy and has been a "career patient" since childhood until present day.  She has already made a lasting impact on her community in such a short time as an actress, comedian, community advocate, dancer, human rights activist, make-up artist, poet and talented writer.  Shanna was also named as an Outstanding Poet of the 21st Century in 2000.

From 1993 to 1995, Shanna served on the Governor's Developmental Disability Planning Council for Arkansas, and is still a member of the Arkansas Disability Coalition.  In 2005, Shanna was appointed to the position of Public Safety Commissioner for the 10th District, City of Los Angeles.  In April of 2006, she was appointed as the President and Founder of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition of North Little Rock, Arkansas.  On May 4, 2006 Shanna proudly received a Proclamation from Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, declaring September as "National Ovarian Cancer Month" and the President of the United States, George W. Bush, for the same in August 28, 2006.  Shanna has just become a member of the International Cancer Coalition and is a member of the Black Women's Health Imperative Group, as well as, African Women's Health Project International.

Through a recent, unfortunate incident involving her son and the issue of "schoolyard bullying", Shanna has captured the attention of many, including Montel Williams, host of The Montel Williams Show.  She appeared on March 14, 2007 with an airing date of March 22, 2007.  As a result, Shanna has been in formation of a new organization, Parents Against Schoolyard Bullying, which after her appearance has morphed into International Coalition Against School Violence.

Through encouragement, motivation and tenacity, Shanna has created a formula for success through writing and motivating others.  This amazing young talent not only was born with cerebral palsy, she has over a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer and currently lives with a brain tumor, which several doctors declare as inoperable.  Being a single mother of one, Shanna is still determined not to let her many challenges and past events determine the outcome of her life's destiny.

Ms. McCoy's story about her life's challenges, "Amazing Strength", is a feature of Arkansas Life magazine February 2010 on page 54.

"No matter your current circumstances, you can make it.  Through ambition, confidence and determination, you can live out your dreams provided you believe in yourself.  It’s about having faith in yourself, even when others tend to doubt your abilities."


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"Amazing Strength" article; www.arkansaslife.com

"AMAZING STRENGTH"; story by Christy L. Smith ι photography by Dero Sanford; February 2010 issuewww.arkansaslife.com

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