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Why Am I Sick? (DL)

Why Am I Sick? (DL)
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Certain questions arise that parents dread hearing, yet they're asked like "What does God look like?" "Where do babies come from?" or "How does Santa Claus deliver all those presents in just one night?"  One question no parent should ever have to face, much less answer, is "Why am I sick?"  When you're the parent of a sick child, your world comes to a screeching halt, your heart is ripped from your chest, and your faith is challenged beyond belief.  But, how does your child feel and what is he or she thinking?


Lizzy and Sarah are typical 4½ year-old girls who must face some pretty grown-up issues.  They become best friends while sharing a hospital room and trading secrets.  You get to see how they deal with illness from a child's unique point of view.


Why Am I Sick? is first in a series of books designed to help both adults and children open up and talk about some difficult topics.  Children, all too often, see any sort of problem as being their fault.  It's our job as adults to help guide our kids through these tough areas with open and honest answers.

Cynthia E. White-Craig, e-Book, 2006, 8.5 x 11, 32 pages, ISBN 0-9765402-7-4

Format/Binding e-Book (PDF Format)
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